Baby Massage

                                 SHARING OUR SKILLS

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 Come &  learn the loving simple and bonding and

skill which is Baby Massage


 I offer PRIVATE GROUPS or join our

termly group course and meet

new parents too!.


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Mother & Bump Baby Massage

Termly Courses

                                            Held in In The Big Red Bus Club


The Baby Massage classes are held over four weekly sessions and are for babies from around 8 weeks to 6 months pre-crawling.


The skills that you learn can continue to be used as your child grows.


Classes are held in The Big Red Bus Club Charton which offers a warm relaxing environment for you and your baby.


The Baby Massage sessions are 1 hour hour long and

include a demonstration and group practice of massage strokes.

Relaxation time for parents, and some reflection, including Refreshments.

The Course covers a variety of topics that help you along your new parenting journey.